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Made up of experienced technicians, our team takes charge of installing new water inlets. We will set up an efficient connection system that will allow you to have access to drinking water.

We will carefully study your project so that the connection system is both solid and durable. In addition to installing new water inlets, we are also installing a sewer connection.

A solid and durable connection system!


Have you noticed a problem with the duct? Has the water pressure decreased? Whatever the problem, call on us to efficiently repair your building's water inlet system.

Thanks to a know-how of many years and our adapted equipment, we will find the solution to restore your daily comfort. Of course, when the damage is significant, we will proceed directly to the replacement of the damaged parts.

Our team is responsive!

Got a question? No problem.

Ask Us.

Our services :

  • Excavation
  • Installation of water inlet
  • Sewer installation
  • Sprinkler installation

Our guarantees:

  • Speed of execution
  • Support during all stages of the project
  • Expert advice

We travel to several cities in Quebec: Montreal, Laval, etc.

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