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As a fire safety measure, a sprinkler system is the best solution. Our team works in collaboration with companies specializing in fire protection to provide the connection from the municipal water supply network to the building.

We offer a tailor-made service according to your deadlines and specific requests.

We guarantee incomparable service.


Our company, specializing in the field of excavation, ensures the compliance of automatic sprinklers. We inspect and test the system to ensure its functionality. If there is a problem, we will immediately repair it. The repair may not be sufficient, the nozzle may be totally damaged. In this case, we will replace it to avoid any risk if ever a fire occurs.

If there is a problem, we will immediately repair it.

Got a question? No problem.

Ask Us.

Our services :

  • Excavation
  • Installation of water inlet
  • Sewer installation
  • Sprinkler installation

Our guarantees:

  • Speed of execution
  • Support during all stages of the project
  • Expert advice

We travel to several cities in Quebec: Montreal, Laval, etc.

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